Summer League Announcement And Rules

Starting from Saturday 27th June Auchenharvie 88 Members are now able to play 18 holes of golf from the white tee boxes on a Saturday.

With this announcement the committee have worked out a way of playing a Strokeplay Sumer League for season 2020

Only fully paid up members of the club will be able to participate in the playing of the competition. If your club membership fees are still outstanding you will need to settle this on or before Saturday or you will not be permitted to play from the white boxes or participate in the competition.

If your fees are outstanding you may contact any committee member to make a payment or you can make a bank transfer. We will supply all members with the appropriate information to do this.

Competition Format: 18 Hole Strokeplay from The White Tee Boxes
Competition Groupings: 3 Balls, Every 14 minutes until further notice
Ballots: Book Your Tee Time Via The Proshop on 01294 603103 until further notice

Fees: NO FEES for Sweep, Twos or Magic Twos. No Money/Cash will exchange hands.

Ballot Times:
8.00am – 9.30am
11.30am – 12.50pm

Competition Scoring:
All players will receive 6 scorecards to start with. Please keep these safe and dry.

Players will write their playing partners name and handicap on the card (Do not swap cards)
From this point players will mark cards as usual (Feel free to keep track of your own score in the appropriate column)
Verbally Confirm the score with your playing partner
Sign Card once verified verbally

Submit Your Scorecard to Match Secretary: Bryan McCandless

Competition Score Submission:
Take a clear picture of your scorecard and submit it using one of the following options:

Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 07932028395
Messenger Via The Clubs Facebook Page:

**If you cannot submit your scorecard using any of these methods before you leave the course, please ask another member who has the facility to submit the scorecard electronically to help and assist you by doing it for you**

Competition Administration:
The Summer League will be administered the same way the winter league is administered.
Handicaps will be REDUCTION ONLY and will be updated manually by the match secretary.
Please check with the Match Secretary or the Club Notice Board for your playing handicap before commencing play

League Format:
Your best 6 Nett scores submitted over the course of the summer will be used to calculate your overall total.

The player with the lowest total NETT SCORE at the end of the season will be deemed the winner of the Summer League.

Additional Rules:

Ball In Bunker – You may take a free drop in the bunker if your ball is in a footprint
(At the discretion of a playing partner)

Flagstick must remain in the cup at all times.
All other rules of golf remain the same.

We are asking that all members still adhere strictly to Social Distancing measures set out by the government.

These include:
No more than one person in the pro shop at any one time
Rounds must be booked by calling or visiting the pro shop
Rounds must still be booked 7 days in advance and will be delegated on a first come first served basis
Sanitise your hands before and after your round
All players must carry hand sanitiser in their bag
No hand shakes before, during or after round
No Touching Flagsticks
All players must observe the 2 metre distance between all playing partners
Do not attend the course if you are showing signs/symptoms of COVID19

If these rules are unsatisfactory, or you feel that you will not be able to comply, we ask that you discuss this matter with a committee member or refrain from using the facilities until any issues are resolved.