2017/18 Winter League Results

It seems like it has been a long hard winter. With many weekends cancelled due to the frost, snow and rain. You would be forgiven for thinking that it was going to last forever!

But we kept turning up when we could, in the hope that the weather would stay favourable for at least 3 hours on a Saturday morning.

The last of the winter league rounds have now been played, and we would like to thank everyone who participated.

Also a special thanks to Club Secretary Andrew McNaught who organised and maintained the league information on a weekly basis. A very successful first year for Andrew that can be built on for future Winter Leagues to come.

At the start of the league there looked to be a 2 horse race developing between Andy MacDonald and Scott Little who got off to a fast start, but Wullie Jack and Jas Ogilvie came on strong towards the back end of the winter league season and developed their own tussle.

Going into the final round there was still no clear winner and positions 1-4 on the leader-board could all change with a good round on Saturday 24th March.

Scott Little turned in a great performance to record a stableford score of 40 points. Andrew MacDonald managed to get in the points finishing with 36 points on the day. Jas Ogilvie maintained his consistent scoring to record with a score of 32 points, while Wullie Jack managed 33 points on the day to secure his final position.

The league was eventually won by current club champion Andrew MacDonald with a record points tally of 121 beating last years record holder Alec Hughes’s record of 106 by some margin.

The Final Top 9 Standings Are:
(1) Andy MacDonald – 121 pts – NEW RECORD
(2) Scott Little – 118 pts
(3) Wullie Jack – 93 pts
(4) Jas Ogilvie – 88 pts
(5) Paul McIvor – 68 pts
(6) Jimmy Brennan – 53 pts
(7) Brian Robertson – 49 pts
(8) Bryan McCandless – 48 pts
(8) Rodger Rangley – 48 pts
(9) Joe Lundy – 43 pts
(10) Arthur Breslin – 38 pts
(11) Danny Febers – 35 pts
(12) Kenny Ogilvie – 34 pts
(13) James Donohoe – 28 pts
(14) Gordon Burnside – 23 pts
(15) Michael Hicks – 23 pts
(16) James Smyth – 21 pts
(17) Roy McGregor – 21 pts
(18) George T Mcall –  21 pts
(19) James Mculloch – 20 pts
(20) Kris Mculloch – 20 pts
(21) Ian Johnston – 15 pts
(22) Tam Small – 13 pts
(23) Ray Hicks – 13 pts
(24) David McNaught – 12 pts
(25) Alec Hughes – 9 pts
(26) William Fletcher – 8 pts
(27) Kevin Durham – 8 pts
(28) Kenny Mckenzie – 5 pts
(29) John Cooper – 4 pts
(30) Billy Mclaren – 3 pts
(31) Paul Breslin – 1 pt
(32) Steven Hay – 1 pt
(33) Gordon Mackay – 1 pt
(34) John Morrow – 1 pt

We would like to thank everyone who turned up to play this winter. We know it has been tough at times with course conditions and some fierce weather. We are looking forward to next years winter league and your continued participation in the event.

We would like to wish all of our members the best of luck for the coming 2018 season.

Play well, and enjoy your golf!
Auchenharvie 88 Committee.

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